Arla Visit

Arla Visit

You may have spotted the giant Arla inflatable classroom outside year 3. The fantastic people from Arla visited us to teach us all about dairy. Arla is an international co-operative, so share the same values as our Trust, our sponsor The Co-op and us.

Inside the giant classroom, colleagues from Arla took us on a dairy journey, with an assortment of activities. To start, we found how Arla helps keep healthy, happy cows that produce great milk.

The next activity was a fun guessing game. From a selection of different foods, we had to decide which contain dairy. Everyone was surprised just how many food products contain it. Moving on, it was all about how farms take the raw milk and make it safe to store and drink. With the chance to try the different types of milk.

Our favourite activity, however, was learning all about the cow’s digestive system. Using a model of a cow, we could see the food move through its four stomachs and in the end, you had to catch the poo!

With lots of activities, everyone was kept entertained. Thank you to our special diary experts and everyone at Arla for this super event.