Be Internet Legends

Be Internet Legends

Monday morning, years 3 to 6, had some very special guests: Google and Parent Zone.

‘Be Internet Legends,’ is Google and Parent Zone’s new scheme of work, all about helping children stay safe online. Online safety is super important in today’s society. Children now spend more time online than watching TV, with an average of 15 hours per week online (Ofcom Report).

The internet is a fantastic resource. It’s crucial we know how to use it responsibly, so we were really excited to have them visit and help us all become Internet Legends.

They’ve created a great mantra for staying safe online:

Sharp – think before you share

Alert – check it’s real

Secure – protect your stuff

Kind – respect each other

Brave – discuss with a trusted adult


Together, we explored the different areas of this mantra. We started with demonstrations, where we worked together to build a secure password using giant letters; we found out that some passwords just aren’t good enough. Then, using different emoji, we found ways to make sure we’re nice to each other and when we share, we make sure it’s ok with everyone. With 99% of adults aged 16 to 34 using the internet regularly, it’s important we share carefully.

The presenters made the assembly really interactive, with lots of challenges throughout. Everyone was given a hand-shaped-sign, with red for no and green for yes. Using these, we could all answer the questions together. It was great to see how knowledgeable our children are with these topics.

Thank you to everyone at Google and Parent Zone. This assembly was really fun and has given our children and staff, key skills that will keep us all safe online.


You can find out more about Google’s ‘Be Internet Legends’ program here.


You can find out more about Parent Zone here.