Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was on the 16th February this year. It might have been during the holiday, but we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration!

We’re investigating this vibrant and interesting celebration, all across school. As the festival is centuries old, there are lots of myths and customs associated with it. Making it an intriguing topic for everyone. As well as finding out about these customs, we’ve also looked at traditional outfits, music and more.

One of our favourite traditions are the lucky red envelopes. Traditionally given to children at this time, they usually contain a gift of money. In nursery, one of our lovely families has been extremely generous. They brought in traditional lucky red envelopes for all the children in the class. Each one had chocolate coins inside. It really made the celebration extra special and the children loved them, thank you.

Nursery and reception held a challenge. We gave everyone a big bowl of noodles, the surprise twist was that they only had a pair of chopsticks to use. It was challenging but everyone managed to finish their noodles.

Nursery built their own special dragon costume. Check out the video, we took the fantastic dragon as well as some musical instruments to the playground. Everyone had a lot of fun dancing in the dragon.

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