Co-op Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee

Co-op Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee

Last Friday, we hosted the Co-op Academies Trust Primary Spelling Bee. It’s only the second time this annual competition has been held, but it was a great turn out with all our Trust primary academies able to compete.

It’s a great event that encourages our children to get into spelling. At all our primaries children have been hard at work practising their spellings, and even holding class spelling bees in preparation.

Everyone got stuck in, starting with quick-fire spellings for round one. Each year group was pitted against their own classmates, spelling a range of difficult words, until only one contestant remained. We even had two special judges, our governors Jane Hallam and Prince Ofori-Kurgau.

The round one winners moved onto the next stage, where each academy had one child per year group, ready to compete against the children in the same year from the other academies.

It was tense, with some tricky words, but the children were confident and went through the words with ease. Everyone was surprised just how well they all did, as in both rounds we had to use the spellings from the year above to make it more challenging.

At the end of round two, we had a draw. With only one grand prize, we needed a final round to find the ultimate spellers. The end of the day was fast approaching and our lists of words was quickly running out, Miss Lewis had to look up some new, more difficult words!

It was a great end to a fantastic competition, with our sister academy Co-op Academy Nightingale taking the grand prize.