Dogs Trust Visit Reception

Dogs Trust Visit Reception

We had a very special guest in reception on Tuesday morning. Winnie the Pug!

Our friends from Dogs Trust, brought along Winnie, a super well behaved Pug and lots of information.

Dogs Trust is a nationwide charity, dedicated to helping the welfare of dogs. In 2016, they cared for around 15,300 dogs, so it’s great to have such a wonderful group visit us.

We started with lots of great information about keeping our dogs safe and healthy. As part of this, we found out about microchips. These tiny devices help identify the dog and its owner. Using the special machine, our children were able to find the microchip on Winnie.

After lots of great ways to keep our dogs safe and healthy, Miss Hobson had a shock. She spotted dog poo, on her classroom carpet! Luckily, it was a fake. We found out about being a responsible dog owner, including making sure to clean up after our dogs.

‘Be Dog Smart’ is all about making sure people, especially our children, stay safe when they’re with dogs. On occasion, dogs can be a little too excited or sometimes they’re just grumpy and can accidentally hurt people. Dogs Trust gave us these great tips:

If a dog approaches you – stand still and up straight and look away from the dog.

If a dog jumps up at you – cross your arms over your chest, stand straight up and turn to the side.

If a dog knocks you over – curl up like a ball and then cover your head and face with your arms.


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Thank you to the fantastic staff from Dogs Trust and of course the wonderful Winnie.