Year 3, recently had some very special visitors from the Rainbow Factory. They took myths and legends and made them into wonderful shows, for us all to enjoy.

With lots of props, including some very ordinary household items, they transformed into giants, ants, elephants and more.

Our performers didn’t keep all the fun to themselves, our children even joined the shows, playing the part of some of the imaginative characters.

Later, we created our own shadow puppets. It was a challenge to create something that you’ll only see the shadow of but they did a great job crafting these intricate characters. They used these puppets to retell one of the earlier stories.

It was time to finish up with a unique word game. In groups, our children raced to collect lots of different words. We turned these words into a song!

Everyone, even the grown-ups, learnt lots of new words. Our favourite new word is ‘susurrate’ which is making a whispering or rustling sound.

It was a fun drama filled day, thank you to our wonderful guests from the Rainbow Factory.