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Spelling Bee Champions

Spelling Bee Champions

Each year, we invite our sister academies to join our Primary Spelling Bee. This was our third year running the competition. It’s a fun event that gets everyone excited about spelling.

In the first year we proudly took the trophy. In the second year Co-op Academy Nightingale, took this top prize. This year…

Our guest judges, including our governor Anthony Molloy, got set up and ready to judge. They started with a quick-fire round, to find each academy’s best spellers.

Those winners moved on to round two. Children of the same year group, from each academy competed against each other.

Word after word, these fantastic spellers did their academy proud. Even with all eyes on these children, only the trickiest of words caught them out.

And this year’s winners? Co-op Academy Woodlands! Well done to our super spellers.

Thank you to all the amazing spellers from each of our academies. Special thank you to our governors, Jane and Anthony, we hope you enjoyed the event!