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This Green Moon

This Green Moon

Last week Reception went to This Green Moon in Swillington on an adventure. They were welcomed by some friendly sheep who came over to say hello!

Paul our forest guide welcomed Reception to This Green Moon by telling them all about the magical creatures that call it their home. They are called the Swillygogs.

They are very shy but very kind, and Paul had heard they might need the children’s help.

Our Reception children set off to find them.

On the way they came across a nest of baby snakes (sticks with paper heads!). Each child picked up a baby snake and got to decorate them with lots of lovely colours.

After they had painted their snakes they put them in a safe place to sleep.

Next, Paul told the children all about the dragon who lives in the forest and sleeps by the campfire at night.

Paul said if they were very quiet the dragon would come back and sneeze into the campfire and set it alight.

Then the children got to roast marshmallows, being very careful and sensible around the fire.

Next it was time to find the Swillygogs.

Paul led the children to a tree that was covered in Swillygog gossamer. He said the Swillygogs usually tidy up after themselves, so they must have left the gossamer for the children to use.

All the children pulled 3 pieces of gossamer from the tree and twisted it into a magic bracelet.

This meant they could explore the rest of the forest safely and get to see the Swillygogs.

The Swillygogs homes had been destroyed, and they were very sad.

The Swillygog King and Queen asked the children if they could help to rebuild their homes.

The children worked really hard collecting leaves, twigs and branches to rebuild some beautiful homes for the Swillygogs.

Reception had an amazing and magical time at This Green Moon!

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