Year 6 visit an Arla Dairy

Year 6 visit an Arla Dairy

Following their visit to a dairy farm last week, Year 6 were invited to see the next part of the milk journey. They spent the morning at Arla’s Stourton dairy just up the road from us, learning about how the milk we drink gets to us.

The first thing everyone saw was these giant silos that are filled with milk and water ready to be standardised, pasteurised and homogenised.

Then everyone got a tour of the factory. Because it is a working factory and everything has to be super clean and tidy, all the factory workers have to wear hair nets. Although Year 6 weren’t on the factory floor they got given hair nets to wear too. Don’t they look great!

Walking through the factory gallery pupils got to see what goes on inside, from the bottles being made and transported…

… to them being filled up with milk by special machines. The machines are all controlled by computers and use special technology to make sure just the right amount of milk goes into the bottles.

The last step in the factory journey is all the milk bottles get taken to a special holding room where they wait to be delivered to supermarkets around West Yorkshire.

This room can hold about half a million bottles of milk.

It was a great day and the children learnt lots about how a dairy factory works. They even got some special cheese making kits so they can make their own cheese out of the milk they saw.

The Co-op and Arla made a video about our visit and interviewed some of the students. They really enjoyed their 5 minutes of fame.

Thank you to Arla and the Co-op for inviting us and organising this trip. We had a lot of fun!