Year 6’s Virtual IntoUniversity Focus Week

Year 6’s Virtual IntoUniversity Focus Week

On the final week of last half term, Year 6 took part in a Virtual Focus Week with IntoUniversity. The main focus of the week was to learn about key people and events of WW2, to explore the children’s future ambitions and what they would like to do as their career and to learn more about university life.

The children also took part in a secret mission… Sshhhh! 🤫

Here is what Angel thought of the week:

On Monday, there was a WW2 themed escape room which I found tense. I couldn’t share the answers or there would be a time penalty, which would last a minute. The last two questions of the escape room were very difficult. The escape room had about five to six different areas. On Tuesday, I learnt about a WW2 pilot who came from Jamaica. I learnt that he had to sell his bicycle and his saxophone. After WW2 he studied law in university. He became a senior legal clerk because he wanted to make things right. On Wednesday, I learned more about the courses that I could take in the future when I go to university. I also learnt that there are over 50,000 university courses. I learnt that any person of any age can go to university. On Thursday, I completed a university tree leaf that was more about what I wanted to do when I go there in the future. I would probably study biology or food science because it might be useful if i don’t get to be a scientist in the future. On Friday, there was a graduation ceremony. There was a poem which was about graduation and there was a virtual tour and a bird’s eye view of the university. There was also a class prize inside a gold box. I’m still not sure if it’s been delivered to school…

Ansh had this to day about the Focus week:

The experience was incredible when we did the trap room all the way to graduating. It was an exciting experience even if it was virtual. The quizzes and the questions were challenging but fun. We learned about WW2 and all about university know we know how a university is like. It was fun and enjoyable it was exciting thank you Into University for this sensational experience.

And finally, here is what Aryaan thought:

At first I was nervous because I didn’t know how it  would’ve gone but on Monday we had the escape room and it was the best lesson I have ever done online. It was the ‘breaking codes’ I liked the most. On Tuesday we were learning about Billy Strachan the best Jamaican pilot and when I was hearing that he sailed across the ocean for days and days and days, I felt bad for him because he had to sell his most valuable items, his instrument and bike. On Wednesday, we learnt about going to university and what lifestyle you would be living for example you are either living at university or at home and what places you could go to university like a beach or an amazing, calm view too feel relaxed as you do work. On Thursday we had 2 or 3 into university students come in to answer questions of ours! They really helped us out to understand the answers. Lastly, on Friday, we graduated! I had never thought it would go past so fast but we’ve passed a week that we can’t thank you enough for. Thank you so much for this education and roller coaster of an experience!

The staff were so proud of the children’s engagement and maturity. Ellen, one of the IntoUniversity leaders had this to say: