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Oak Tree Lodge

Reception had a fantastic visit to Oak Tree Lodge. They had lots of fun and games playing bowling, darts and dominoes. The children’s highlight was the visit to the special…


Summer Fair

Our chosen charity is Just a Drop. They help people from around the world, get access to clean water. Find out more about this wonderful charity. Year 6 have been…

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Early Years’ Sports Day

On Friday, we held our early years’ sports day. Keep reading or check out more pictures here. We had a range of sporting activities ready to challenge our children. Egg-and-spoon…

Nursery, Reception

Sparkling Smiles

We’ve joined a campaign to help children look after their teeth. Reception, year 1 and year 2 are taking part. We’ve got giant toothbrush holders at the ready in each…

Reception, Year 1, Year 2

This Green Moon

Last week Reception went to This Green Moon in Swillington on an adventure. They were welcomed by some friendly sheep who came over to say hello! Paul our forest guide…


Owl Ice Cream

Reception have been eating characters from The Gruffalo this week! The story has inspired lots of activities, but this was the tastiest. They’ve been creating ice creams in the shape…


Exploring an Ambulance

We love learning about real life heroes. So, this week, special guests from Yorkshire Ambulance Service visited us. They had a surprise too, waiting in the car park they’d brought…

Nursery, Reception

What a Feast!

In reception, we’ve been reading ‘My Granny went to Market’. Just like Granny, our children love finding out about the world. We don’t have a magic carpet like the one…


Easter Egg Hunt

Nursery and reception have been on the hunt for Easter Eggs! It wasn’t your usual Easter Egg hunt. Instead, we had hidden clues to follow that would help us find…

Nursery, Reception


Reception have been looking at the exciting life cycle of frogs! We’re lucky enough to have a wonderful wildlife garden, hidden just behind our playgrounds. We decided to take a…