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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Nursery and reception have been on the hunt for Easter Eggs!

It wasn’t your usual Easter Egg hunt. Instead, we had hidden clues to follow that would help us find the chocolate prizes.

Our explorers set out searching all around the playgrounds, reading and solving the clues as a group. Everyone got really stuck in.

Reception’s prizes were hidden at the end of our field, it was a mad dash to see who could reach them first!

It looked like we only had a few prizes. Opening them up we found lots of chocolate eggs hidden inside. It didn’t take long for our children to decide to share them out – they didn’t want their friends to miss out!

Nursery’s final clue took them to the playhouse, but they were so well hidden it took a while to find the giant bag full of yummy chocolate.

Everyone was egg-static!


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