Fairtrade Bake Off

Fairtrade Bake Off

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, we held a Fairtrade bake off.

Using Fairtrade ingredients our classes have baked buns, cakes and more. The tempting smell of chocolate and buns in the air has kept everyone hungry.

We’ve had a great assortment of treats, year 3 created a chocolate cardamom tart. Reception worked with one of our parents, who is a Co-op colleague, to create chocolate cornflake buns. Year 1 made beautifully wrapped special buns and so much more.

We hope you had the chance to pick up a tasty treat. We’d also like to thank our special Co-op visitor too.

Our Fairtrade bake off – Sway gallery




Our fantastic parents, carers and visitors donated generously. We sold out quickly, raising £177.

Our children have voted, choosing Martin House Hospice as the charity to receive the donations from our Fairtrade Bake Off!