Meet Your Teachers

Meet Your Teachers

We are excited to share with you our teachers for next year! Get to know your new teachers by reading their profiles below 👇


Mrs Gulbahar 👇

Miss Goodall 👇


Miss Rook and Mrs Hall 👇

Miss Hobson 👇

My name is Miss Hobson and I am going to be your teacher in Reception!
I can’t wait to meet you all and for us to have lots of fun together. 

Do you want to ask me any questions about Reception? If you do, you can send me videos, photos or messages on Class Dojo. 
See you soon!

Year 1

Miss Read 👇

Mrs Convy 👇

Year 2

Miss Kendall 👇

Miss Faulkner 👇

Year 3

Miss Wilson 👇

Miss Gosal 👇

Year 4

Mrs Akhtar 👇

Mr. Silvester 👇

Year 5

Mrs. Pennington 👇

Mr Senior 👇

Year 6

Miss Smart 👇

Mr Trower 👇

Mrs Hopkins 👇