Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

Last Friday afternoon, Royal Wedding mania hit Woodlands.

We had fun activities in every year, about the Royal Family, weddings and traditions, all while having a great celebration. We caught up with year 1 and 6, whose celebrations were the most ostentatious.

In year 1, it was a ballroom masterclass. Mrs Convy and her fancy feet, taught everyone the Waltz. Our princes and princess put on their crowns and tiaras, paired up and danced away.

In year 6, we had a outdoor tea party. With handmade placemats and heaps of food, everyone had a feast! Thank you to all our wonderful parents and carers for the tasty treats.

It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining. Luckily, Mrs Burling was on hand to eat all the biscuits before they melted!


Nursery baked their own ‘Royal Wedding Biscuits’, check out their photos:

Nursery РRoyal Wedding Biscuits